About Sudsterr Technology

Sudsterr Technology is an Australian Online store selling computer hardware. Passionate about computers, highly knowledgeable and we provide the fastest shipping. Feel free to contact Sudsterr Technology for any products you're interested in and we'll help. 

We started very small selling used computer parts in the beginning and slowly developed strong relationships with our 100% local Australian suppliers and now we are capable of selling a wide range of computer products mainly aimed at gamers, casual users and everyone in between. You name it, we have it. If we don't, we will be very happy to source it for you. And now, we are happy to say that we only sell brand new products.

We are always growing and looking to expand our inventory and are working very hard to increase our customer base. You can also find us on eBay Australia and you will be able to see that we have 100s of satisfied customers.

Please have a stroll through our store and we are sure you will find something of interest. We are proud to say that we always have local warranty on all our products and we source all our products locally in Australia. See you there!

If you have any questions at all, please send us an email at support@sudsterrtechnology.com.au or go to our "contact us" page here