Why buy from Sudsterr Technology?

Sudsterr Technology is a proudly Australian small business working hard to bring you the best quality tech for your computers.

We build PCs for gaming, workstations, and any other purposes. We specialise in designing systems that include cutting-edge technology, such as the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD, as well as high-end graphics cards from Nvidia.

We provide the following before our builds leave to our client locations:

  1. GPU stress testing
  2. CPU stress testing
  3. Leak testing (in case of custom loops)
  4. 3 years build warranty
  5. Full parts warranty from each manufacturer of the parts
  6. Shipping insurance for all our computers
  7. Professional packaging
  8. Free express shipping
  9. Lifetime support. Contact us anytime on Facebook, e-mail(support@sudsterrtechnology.com.au) or phone (1300 561 478).

If any of our machines fail Stress testing, we will let you know immediately and your system will not leave our location unless we have the problem sorted for you.

In addition to custom gaming PCs, we offer custom water cooling loops for local clients who wish to enhance their system's performance while keeping it cool and silent. We exclusively employ high-quality components to provide optimal dependability and performance.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, and they offer free delivery on all of our systems except than custom loops throughout Australia.