Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Custom Loop gaming PC Double distro plate, GPU, CPU, motherboard

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Our Most complex custom loop!

Our Most complex custom loop!

Two D5 pumps, 2 Distro plates, Full water plate motherboard, EK double active plate ASUS RTX 3090 GPU all built to match client's car!


  • EK fittings Radikult dynamic Duo XL distro plate
  • Phanteks DP-120 rear distro plate
  • PETG tubes
  • Amber orange EK concentrate
  • 9 Lian li SL120 Uni fans
  • 3 360mm radiators painted white
  • Gigabyte X299 water force extreme motherboard
  • 8 Sticks of GSKILL 8GB RAM


Will upload build videos soon!

If you want your next custom loop gaming PC from Sudsterr Technology, go ahead, visit our website and chat with us at



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